Homeschooling Science – No Home School is Complete Without Science

Homeschooling science should be a part of every homeschooling experience. Although some states require that science be taught in public schools as well as private schools and home schools; whether or not the state mandates the teaching of science, science should be part of every home school.There is no disputing the fact that we live in a technological age. Computers, the Internet, digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, the list is endless. Every facet of our lives is touched by science. Even in the area of religion, there are implications of science as we look toward the cosmos and try to understand our place in the vastness of space. Debates on intelligent design, creationism, the big bang, and evolution are raging throughout many societies. Students who are not exposed to these compelling issues are being shortchanged in their education.Most importantly, the study of science promotes the creative impulses of humans. The little child who dismantles a toy on Christmas to discover how it works or the child who is always asking why are compelling reasons for teaching science. Children are more inquisitive than ever before. Hardly a parent exists who has not at some point been asked why by their children.Given the prevalence of science in our culture, in our world, and in our lives, parents would be remiss if they did not have homeschooling science as part of their homeschooling experience. This observation is made all the more critical in North America where studies and surveys continue to show that our children are lagging behind children of other countries in developing math and science competencies.Part of the reason you decided to home school your children is to give them a competitive edge by giving them the best possible educational experience. You cannot fulfill that noble goal unless you have adopted a science curriculum which is appropriate for your children.